The Clearing of The Western Road Part 1

"Words from the Warden", or alternatively "When we join our intrepid adventurers".

What did we do last night?

“After consulting the witnesses and conferring with the magistrate, it has been determined that while you were certainly not the cause or instigators of last night’s events, your vigilantism, your drunkenness, your rough and unruly conduct during the events, and your friend [gestures to spellcaster] here’s incautious use of some infernal magic, has cost our citizenry quite dearly. And while you were certainly helpful in the apprehension of the wildmen that were causing problems, we’ve lost nearly a quarter of the homes in the row to the subsequent fire, and frankly you should be glad to have awoken here and not out there where the people can get to you. I’m not sure who caused more damage, you or the wildmen. Next time, if it’s within the city walls, leave these kinds of things up to us.”

- Commander Gralvin Havlock of the Edvalia City Garrison and of The Greystone Gaol.



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